SalesLogix Help (and How To Streamline and Optimize Processes)

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SalesLogix, or Infor CRM, is a sales automation system that allows you to meet the needs of your clients and customers so you can better manage accounts and recognize business opportunities in order to close more deals. While SalesLogix provides an impressive and robust CRM system, there are still ways to streamline and optimize your processes, and to get support and assistance for yourself and your customers when dealing with common frustrations and issues.

Here’s a quick look into the support options available for SalesLogix, how using SalesLogix can optimize and streamline your business processes, how to get SalesLogix support and SalesLogix help, and how custom integration services can make using SalesLogix a breeze.

What Is SalesLogix?

SalesLogix is a CRM platform that offers businesses impressive flexibility and control in tackling marketing and sales as well as creating emails, promoting social media marketing, advancing sales, and pursuing other business initiatives that propel growth.

As a versatile and scalable CRM option, SalesLogix appeals to many businesses that need a system that can scale with them. SalesLogix allows you to manage accounts, recognize opportunities, track contacts, simplify reporting, automate your salesforce, and is easy to implement and customize.

SalesLogix was also recently acquired by a company called Swiftpage which has expanded the integration options available for SalesLogix/Infor CRM users. Swiftpage provides other digital marketing and CRM Solutions in addition to augmented SalesLogix support and SalesLogix help for both businesses and customers.

Benefits of SalesLogix

SalesLogix help and SalesLogix support offer many benefits for employees and customers that can help you resolve issues and provide a better customer experience. Some of the main benefits include:

  • Fast Customer Information: When a customer is on the phone, you need relevant information at your fingertips. SalesLogix offers SpeedSearch so your customer service reps can quickly find the information they need to provide excellent support, including call tickets, FAQs, manuals, white papers, and more.
  • Business Customization: Your business needs a CRM solution that can grow with you and meet your needs along the way. SalesLogix is designed to scale with businesses and allows you the option to create and edit reports, security settings, tables, tabs, and more. A custom integration for your CRM can expand your capabilities even further and eliminates the headache of setting up your own custom CRM.
  • Information Sharing: Integration options with your SalesLogix platform allow you to share information between various business departments to keep all your employees on the same page.

SalesLogix Support

Despite all the great features of the SalesLogix platform, there are also some common questions or issues users may have. SalesLogix help and SalesLogix support can answer questions and help you use your systems without frustration. Some common questions or concerns regarding SalesLogix include:

  • Integrations with other business platforms
  • Resetting locked-out users in SalesLogix/Infor CRM Web Client
  • Security vulnerability questions
  • Cleanly reinstalling SalesLogix/infor CRM components
  • Fixing SalesLogix connection errors
  • Refreshing data
  • Integrating your email marketing
  • Recording and troubleshooting issues
  • Resolving processing issues
  • Questions regarding updates and changes to shared groups
  • Quick access to reference questions

SalesLogix support can answer all of these questions and more, and keep you current on software updates. SalesLogix help also provides excellent customer and employee support to ensure your CRM system is running smoothly.

SalesLogix Help to Streamline and Optimize Your Processes

Handling customer questions and complaints takes time and expertise, and you need a great team at your back. SalesLogix support and SalesLogix help teams are there for you and your customers to provide essential support for your business. Having a support team to manage customer and employee questions helps you streamline your business processes and saves you time answering questions or assisting customers.

Streamlining your process with SalesLogix support and SalesLogix help make it easier to track problems and defects, and provide excellent resolution tools. Some of the best features offered by SalesLogix support and help to streamline business processes include:

  • Tracking defects
  • Managing contracts
  • Ticket management and support
  • Reporting with SpeedSearch
  • Managing escalations
  • Managing knowledge
  • Resolution for standard problems
  • Contact and account information

The SalesLogix platforms streamline your process by enabling customers to find their own answers to questions quickly using internal search engines. This reduces your time spent answering customer questions and inquiries and improves the overall customer experience. SalesLogix support also offers the option to submit web tickets to answer questions or resolve issues. Both employees and customers can add to web tickets throughout the resolution process, making it easy to track issues and adjust processes to avoid recurring problems.

Custom Integrations for Custom Solutions

SalesLogix help and SalesLogix support can assist you with many of your customer and internal needs and troubleshooting, but to get a truly personalized approach to how you do business, you need custom integrations.

Custom SalesLogix integration services from DocInfusion allow you to bypass the frustration of setting up your integrations alone and allow you to connect to the platforms you need, such as your finance, marketing, sales, e-commerce, HR, and other software systems. We make it easy for businesses to customize the way they use their SalesLogix platform and reap all the benefits it has to offer.

Finding the right CRM system for your needs means considering how you want to use it as a part of your entire business process and the requirements for interacting with your existing platforms. Scale your business the right way and optimize your processes with a CRM that’s tailor-made for you.