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Salesforce CRM Integrations

When it comes to providing the best experience for their customers, thousands of companies turn to Salesforce to meet their CRM needs. 

Salesforce is designed to provide a top-notch customer experience through cloud technology to improve the overall customer experience. This robust CRM system provides companies with excellent analytics, customer journey tracking, multichannel marketing campaigns, apps, better customer touchpoints, and more.  

Salesforce CRM integration allows you to expand these capabilities and share data across multiple software platforms and between multiple departments. This allows you to give your company a complete picture of your customer base, understand customers, and continually improve customer satisfaction. With Salesforce CRM integration from DocInfusion, you will be able to track data in one simple location and scale your platform as your business grows. 

Benefits of Salesforce CRM Integrations

Salesforce CRM integrations with your other software platforms can expand your business capabilities and streamline communications between different departments. Custom integration services help you save time, stay accurate. reduce time spent entering data, and reduce manual entry errors. Saving time and money allows you to focus on more important things such as providing a better customer experience. 

DocInfusion offers Salesforce users many integration options to improve your business processes. Stay on top of your customer accounts, communications, analytics, customer service, payment processing, inventory tracking, product pricing and more. Here are the top benefits of custom Salesforce CRM integrations with DocInfusion. 

  • Customer Accounts: Salesforce CRM integration with your ERP platform allows you to access customer payment and invoicing data and keep it up to date and consistent with your CRM platform. Data stored in multiple locations often results in incorrect or inconsistent customer data. Custom integrations ensure data is shared between platforms and remains consistent.
  • Communication: Integration allows teams to communicate effectively between various platforms. This means teams get instant updates and have all the information they need to operate effectively, no matter what software they use, or which department they are in. 
  • Analytics: Timely, up-to-date data makes it easier to make decisions when you need to and gives you a clear picture of what is going on with your business at any given time. Stay on top of your company analytics with Salesforce CRM integrations.
  • Customer Service: Customers are picky and expect companies to provide a seamless customer experience. Integration with your ERP system and other platforms gives you a full picture of who your customers are and what their purchasing habits are so you can better meet their needs. 
  • Payment Processing: Sharing information between your ERP and CRM allows you to get immediate updates on account payments and provides you with the information you need to charge fees or add discounts to your customer’s accounts.
  • Inventory Tracking: Integrating your Salesforce with other business platforms will let you know whether the products your customers need are in stock. This allows for accurate inventory, sales, and shipping dates. When you know what’s in stock you won’t have to worry about delayed shipping due to inventory.
  • Product Pricing: Salesforce CRM integration provides you with the most up-to-date product pricing for your customers and doesn’t require back and forth manual data entry. This is especially true for companies that experience regular changes in product pricing, making accurate pricing updates a challenge for employees.

DocInfusion Can Help 

Choosing to integrate your Salesforce CRM is an easy decision to make because it allows you to get the most out of your current business platforms. However, without experience, the integration process can be difficult and time-consuming. Custom integration services from DocInfusion take the hassle out of the integration process. Our team has the experience to seamlessly integrate your CRM and other platforms so you can easily access and share your customer data in one location. 

Improve your customer experience and reduce the time spent on costly manual entry errors with Salesforce CRM integrations from DocInfusion.