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Saleslogix Integration

Your sales team needs the best tools possible to create an impeccable customer experience from start to finish. Many companies are turning to integration services for help with their business process needs, and sales are no exception. Saleslogix (renamed Infor CRM in 2014) software helps companies connect their sales departments and provide a great customer experience.

With Saleslogix integration from DocInfusion, you will have expanded options for connecting different platforms, increasing communications, and the capability to track all your data in one straightforward location. Integrated systems make it possible for your platform to scale up as your company grows.

Benefits of Saleslogix Integration

Integration between software platforms provides improved communication and collaboration between different business departments. Expand your capabilities outside of your sales team with Saleslogix integration that helps you save time and prevent duplicate entries and errors.

With nearly endless integration options from DocInfusion, Saleslogix CRM software can be used to quickly and easily communicate between business and web platforms and keep you on track with your business goals and streamline business processes. Here are some of the main benefits of Saleslogix CRM integration:


Marketing integration with your Saleslogix CRM software allows you to track your campaigns and keep them heading in the right direction. Integration between platforms also allows you to sync your leads and contacts for timely updates, without the need to switch between different platforms.

Bi-directional data also makes it possible for Saleslogix customer and marketing campaign information to be synced with your marketing software. This provides visibility across all your platforms so you can meet your marketing goals.

Customer resource management Integration
Project Manegement


A major key to business success is understanding your business analytics so you can make strategic decisions. Saleslogix integration pairs the robust analytic capabilities of Saleslogix CRM software with your other business platforms. This allows you to access data across the board for a full-picture of company performance when you need it most.

DocInfusion helps users integrate their Saleslogix CRM software with other software and internet platforms such as Microsoft Outlook, HubSpot, Sage 100, Lotus Notes, Eloqua, QuoteWerks, LinkedIn, Facebook, and many more. We provide custom integration to ensure everything works seamlessly together to save you time and money.

Sales and Customer Service

Integration between Saleslogix (Infor CRM) and different platforms gives you a full picture of where your business is at in the sales process at any given time. With full integration, you can improve communication between sales teams, predict future sales, follow and close leads, and manage the sales cycle. Automated processes between other software platforms with Saleslogix CRM software provides enhanced visibility and communication.

Additionally, Saleslogix integration with platforms such as Intelli-CTi allows you to reduce call times for sales by automating phones dialing and contacts. Integration with your phone systems also allows you to see customer data the moment they call, giving you a full picture of who your customer is before you ever answer the phone.

Customize forecasts and reports

DocInfusion Makes Integration Easy

Saleslogix (Infor CRM) software is an excellent tool for sales teams and businesses and Saleslogix integration allows you to expand those capabilities beyond your sales team for a better ROI. DocInfusion’s custom integration services connect your existing platforms so you can access all of your business information in one convenient location.

Streamline your company software for a better customer experience and a transparent sales process with Saleslogix integration from DocInfusion.

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