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Dynamics 365 CRM Integration

Dynamics 365 is an excellent solution for small and medium-sized businesses looking for straightforward integrations between Office 365 and the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platforms. At DocInfusion, we make the integration process between your platforms seamless, providing you with easy usability and increased productivity between your Microsoft Dynamics and Office 365 systems.

What is Dynamics 365 CRM?

Dynamics 365 CRM software is a SaaS business solution by Microsoft. It allows businesses to combine the benefits of their ERP and CRM platforms in a single application by uniting CRM and ERP business capabilities. This eliminates the need for businesses to have a separate CRM and ERP platform.

Integration between your Dynamics 365 software helps you to keep track of and update all of your business processes in one convenient location. DocInfusion’s integration services make it easy to streamline your processes by integrating your existing Dynamics 365 CRM platform with your other business platforms for improved accuracy, reporting, and use. Here are some of the platforms you can integrate with your Dynamics 365 CRM for increased usability:

Benefits of Dynamics 365 CRM Integration

You can also integrate your Dynamics 365 with additional Microsoft modules to increase your software functionality. Because Dynamics 365 CRM employs a common data model, integration with other Dynamics 365 systems is a straightforward and simple process.

Although Dynamics 365 has out-of-the-box solutions for integration with other Microsoft platforms, custom integrations through DocInfusion’s white glove service allow you to connect to any other software your company uses. Some of the benefits of custom integration include extended functionality of your systems, quicker data analysis, faster sales, an improvement in customer experience, and more. Here are some more benefits of Dynamics 365 Integration:

  • Extended Functionality: Custom integration between your Dynamics 365 CRM software and other platforms streamlines your business processes and extends functionality across multiple systems. This allows for easy access to everything from sales to marketing.
  • Complete Integration: DocInfusion’s integration services allow you to enjoy simplified integration between your finance, marketing, sales, customer relations, operations, and more.
  • Easy Document Creation: Integration with document creation tools can help you when it comes time to submit proposals during the sales process. Tools like PandaDoc can help and integration makes it easy to add proposals directly to your CRM system so you can track customers at different stages of your pipeline.
  • Straightforward Financial Data: You can integrate to Microsoft platforms or get custom integrations to your existing financial solution. With financial integration, there’s no need to enter data manually. This allows for faster invoicing and more accurate data on customer orders and records.
  • Quicker Data Analysis: As your business grows, access to analytics and workflow integration become increasingly important. With integration between your Dynamics 365 CRM and other platforms like Sage or Salesforce, you can have the information you need to make financial or customer decisions when it matters most.
  • Marketing Automation: Custom integration with marketing automation tools and email marketing platforms like ClickDimensions, HubSpot, ConstantContact, and MailChimp gives you access to landing page development, email marketing, lead scoring, web intelligence, and more.
  • Faster Sales: On its own, Dynamics 365 CRM is a powerful tool for increasing sales and finding and converting new leads. Dynamics 365 CRM integration enhances those benefits when paired with analytical tools and data tracking, to help convert sales even faster.
  • Improved Customer Engagement: Customized integration also allows you to meet each customer’s specific needs. Integration with software like Servicemax or Salesforce allows your team to understand your customer base thoroughly so you can better serve their needs.

DocInfusion Makes It Easy

Having the software you need is one step towards maximizing your business potential, but siloed data in different software programs makes it difficult to scale your business as you grow. DocInfusion’s white glove service provides custom integration with your existing Dynamics 365 CRM software to your other business platforms. Custom integrations allow you to save time on manual data transfer and costly errors across systems.

Our Dynamics 365 CRM integration allows you to speed up the sales process, increase your customer satisfaction, analyze your data faster, and extend the functionality of your other business platforms. Integrate your Dynamics 365 CRM software with your existing systems to improve your customer experience today.