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Magento Integration Services

Magento Commerce is an open-source e-commerce program used by thousands of retailers. Its flexible cloud solutions help companies innovate and grow. It provides power, unlimited scalability, and open-source flexibility to match any needs your business might have. 

Magento brings power and flexibility to your commerce needs, working to improve your business through features as varied as SEO, promotions and coupons, site management, and customer loyalty programs. DocInfusion’s custom integration takes all of that strength and flexibility from Magento and shares it with other programs and applications that you use in the daily management of your company.

What is Magento CRM Integration?

Magento CRM integration takes the data and strength that you know and love from Magento, then syncs the customer and product information with the CRM programs and operations you use. 

Integration shares the data wealth of Magento with your marketing, sales, customer service, and other CRM programs in real time. Up-to-the-minute data sharing enables companies to make smart, responsive decisions.

What Are the Benefits of Magento Integration?

No matter the size of your company, Magento is an asset. Magento ERP integration allows you to sync the information and data gained through Magento with the other inventory, financial, and customer management systems your company utilizes.

Reduces Errors with Data Inconsistency

Entering customer data manually causes inconsistencies and errors. Duplicate customer accounts may be created and shipping addresses can be entered incorrectly. Mistakes such as these lower customer satisfaction and impact retention. Even worse, manual input of customer information over multiple programs and applications increases the risk of mistakes. 

Integration removes the need for manual data entry by automatically syncing all customer information and details across programs. If a change is made on a sales, customer service, or marketing page, it will be automatically updated in every program that is part of the integration. 

Integration reduces the chance for errors, saves you the time it takes to manually input information, and reduces the risk of dissatisfied customers.

Financial Reports

The sales cycle can be long and complicated. With Magento integration, you can generate sales reports to better understand it. 

Integration allows you to track more data points including reports on trial balance, cash flow, balance sheets, and more! 

Integration with Magento brings financial transparency to your organization’s operations. With this knowledge, you’re better able to make informed business choices. Data-based decision making increases efficiency which will lead to increased profits.

Real-Time Updating of Stock

It can be frustrating when a customer wants to buy a product from you, but you are out of stock. With better management of your inventory and stock, you’d be better prepared to fill customer orders.

Integration of Magento gives you the ability to track and manage your inventory. Rather than waiting for a product to go out of stock, you will be able to see your inventory synced in real-time. This allows you direct access to planning, financing, and ordering new stock before it runs out.

Eliminate manual data entry

DocInfusion Makes Integration Easy with Magento

Magento is a powerful and well-known tool for helping companies better manage their e-commerce needs. Integration allows you to take the capabilities and strengths of Magento and expand them to the rest of your company, giving you a better ROI on Magento and the other programs and applications you integrate. 

DocInfusion’s custom integration service allows you to connect and sync the data from Magento and your other existing platforms. You will be able to access all of your business data in one convenient location. 

Streamline your company software for a better customer experience and transparent sales process with Magento CRM and ERP integration from DocInfusion.