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Sage CRM Integration

Sage CRM integration brings together the power of Sage CRM with the rest of your applications and programs that you use at your company, helping you better manage your company and customer information.

What Is Sage CRM Integration?

Sage CRM allows companies to schedule and manage their time through providing reliable insights, understanding customers better, empowering teamwork and collaboration across teams, and strengthening the sales team performance. Managing customers and being able to track their needs and wants is a tool that can make a significant impact and help develop growth for any company.

Sage CRM is a strong program for driving revenue growth. By automating processes with Sage CRM, it makes it possible for your team to do much more with less action. It ensures employees can work smarter by giving them the tools they need to get the job done, while also giving management better information about the business to make informed decisions.

What are the Benefits of Sage CRM Integration? 

While Sage CRM provides companies with a wide variety of tools on its own, it works best when integrated with other programs. Sage CRM integration with other tools like ERP and eCommerce platforms allows your CRM to show a bigger picture of what is happening over your entire company, rather than just a section of it. This integration brings a wide variety of benefits that can change how you interact with your customers, your information, and your employees. 

Some of the biggest benefits of custom Sage CRM integrations include:

Increase Productivity

Sage CRM integration removes many of the manual processes of data entry that take up a lot of time and effort. Integration between Sage CRM and different platforms allows for higher productivity and efficiency in your day-to-day operations. Without integration between different platforms, trying to transfer information between them is tedious and time-consuming with little to no impact on your metrics.

With information automatically transferred and inputted from Sage CRM, integration cuts down on time spent switching between programs, as well as the process of finding and inputting the information needed—all this manual entry is time that could be spent doing something more productive for your company.

Accurate Reporting and Analytics

Integration of Sage CRM allows for more data to be shared between platforms, which makes for richer details and more accurate reporting. Accurate reports about customers in correlation with in-office actions leads to clearer insights. 

A major factor for the success of your business is making sure reporting and analytics are accurate and inclusive. With a full selection of information at your fingertips, and the ability to analyze it effectively and efficiently, you can make the best decisions for your company. Sage CRM integration shows you the “big picture.”

Customer Service

Customer service is improved through Sage CRM integration with different platforms and allows for a complete view of the customer life-cycle. With full integration, you can improve communication between sales teams, predict future sales, follow and close leads, and even manage the sales cycle. 

The integration of Sage CRM also helps with individual customer interactions and customer complaints. This gives your customer service team the tools they need to respond individually to each customer’s concerns and provide customized solutions. Personalizing your business to your customers will help retain customers and also increase the chance for referrals.

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DocInfusion Makes Integration Easy

Sage CRM is a great tool for sales teams to manage new and existing customers. Integration of Sage CRM allows you to expand those capabilities to include more than just customers for a better ROI. DocInfusion’s custom integration services connect your existing platforms so you can access all of your business information in one convenient location. 

Streamline your company software for a better customer experience and transparent sales process with Sage CRM integration from DocInfusion.