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HubSpot CRM Integration

HubSpot CRM is the perfect tool for a small or medium-sized business looking for its first CRM system that can easily integrate with larger CRMs or other data tools as needed. 

Although HubSpot’s free CRM is great if you’re just starting out, you may find that as you grow your business you need more robust CRM capabilities, while retaining your current CRM. 

HubSpot CRM integrations make this possible. At DocInfusion, our white glove service makes the integration process smooth and seamless, helping you increase your productivity and meet your business’s needs.

What Is HubSpot CRM?

HubSpot CRM is a free customer relationship management tool that allows businesses to meet their customer needs with tools like email templates, snippets, documents, email tracking, live chat, ticketing, conversation bots, and more. HubSpot CRM provides businesses with the ability to track leads, automate the entry process, and improve their customer experience. 

While HubSpot’s CRM platform is a good option for smaller companies and sales teams, it may not meet all the needs of larger teams that require a more robust CRM system to function. There are upgraded plans available that build on the free CRM for a monthly price. Some businesses may choose to use both HubSpot and a more full-featured CRM when they reach a certain point.

HubSpot designed their platform with the ability to integrate with additional tools and the Salesforce CRM platform, but for other integrations, you’ll need custom integration services to create a seamless exchange of data between your software systems. DocInfusion offers custom HubSpot CRM integrations that can expand your business’ capabilities. 

Benefits of HubSpot CRM Integration

HubSpot’s CRM wasn’t designed to be a stand-alone system, and many businesses find it useful to integrate a new or existing CRM with their HubSpot CRM platform. If you currently use SugarCRM, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, or another CRM system, integration can help you:

  • Increase Client Communications

  • Provide A Personalized User Experience

  • Build Better Client Relationships

  • Track Results

  • Help Leads Make Educated Purchasing Decisions

  • Prioritize Your Leads

  • Retarget Inactive Leads

Although you can integrate your HubSpot CRM with other CRMs, HubSpot CRM integration with other business platforms can extend the functionality of your business systems as a whole and give you a full picture of your business at any given time. Some more benefits of HubSpot CRM integration with other business platforms include: 

  • Full Integration: HubSpot CRM integration with your other CRM, sales, finance, marketing, and operations platforms allows your business to operate with clear visibility between all of your business departments with shared information from custom integration services.
  • Increased Sales Speed: HubSpot CRM is a great tool for managing your customer relationships, but custom integrations with other CRMs, finance systems, operations, and more can give you clearer insights on how to find and convert new leads.
  • Clear Financial Data: HubSpot CRM integration with your financial platforms and services eliminates the need to enter your financial data manually and allows information to easily be shared between platforms, reducing incorrect data transfer from manual entry errors.
  • Automated Marking: Integrating marketing automation tools with HubSpot CRM integration makes it easy to stay on top of your marketing campaigns and ensure you’re meeting all of your customer touchpoints with a custom approach.
  • Quicker Data Analysis: Custom integration allows data to be shared automatically and quickly across different platforms, making it easier to get the data you need when you need it.

Simplify Your HubSpot CRM Integration with DocInfusion 

CRM software is a necessity for businesses looking to improve their customer experience and improve their sales process. HubSpot CRM integration with other business platforms allows you to share information across business platforms and prevents data from remaining siloed in separate software programs. 

DocInfusion’s white glove integration service allows you to seamlessly share information throughout your company, reducing time spent on manual entry, and costs spent on data errors. HubSpot CRM integrations can help you provide a better customer experience and improve your sales process to drive more conversions today.