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Shopify remains at the forefront of the e-commerce industry because this e-commerce platform is constantly improving. Shopify enables you to customize your e-commerce website while also managing your inventory and sharing promotions. Integrating Shopify with your day-to-day applications and resources will help information flow freely between programs allowing you to become a stronger and more efficient e-commerce company. 

What is Shopify CRM Integration?

Shopify gives businesses a way to manage and sell goods through an e-commerce platform. With Shopify, companies not only sell but manage and have complete control over their inventory. With up-to-date inventory reporting, you can better manage your budget, ultimately enabling you to invest in other parts of the business. 

Shopify CRM integration enhances the already powerful abilities of Shopify, by transferring product, order, and customer data smoothly from one program to the other. HubSpot CRM and Saleslogix, for example, may not naturally play nice with Shopify, but that’s where DocInfusion’s white glove integration services come in. They are able to link platforms in a way that enhances business communication and efficiency.

What Are the Benefits of Shopify Integration?

Shopify is a strong tool in e-commerce shopping, but integration takes the best parts of Shopify and connects it to the rest of your ERP and CRM programs.

Save Time And Money

Different e-commerce systems are not meant to communicate and share data, but DocInfusion is here to compensate for that lack. Shopify ERP integration saves valuable time, which in turn can save a lot of money. If you have ever found yourself in a position where you have to manually update data from one program to another, you know how much time this can take. 

Integrating with other tools that you are already using as part of your company’s administration allows information and data to be transferred between the applications.

Better Insights

Shopify CRM integration provides real-time, up-to-date information about leads, customers, sales, and payments. This information can be shared with your other marketing apps and tools to increase the power and accuracy of reports to give better insight into customer habits and trends. 

Typically, a marketing app shows information only based on opens, clicks, and in some cases unsubscribes for your campaign. When integrated with Shopify, those same apps can measure campaign success based on actual revenue reports. 

Reduce Errors

People make mistakes. When you have to manually enter data, especially if you have to manually enter data into multiple CRMs, apps, or programs for the same customer, mistakes are made. Names are not entered perfectly, and final digits of addresses are removed because they weren’t copied correctly. Though these errors may seem small, they have a large and lasting impact. Without integration, it’s likely unintentional duplications start popping up across your systems. 

Duplications are a headache because the same customer could have multiple pages of information about them in different locations. This can lead to poor customer support, confusion with order numbers, and errors in order fulfillment. 

Integration of all of your programs reduces the chance for human error and manual input complications. If the customer information is input correctly the first time, it will be the same throughout the rest of your integrated system. This results in a better customer experience and higher satisfaction.

Customize forecasts and reports

DocInfusion Makes Integration Easy

Integration of Shopify allows you to take the capabilities and power of a diverse and customizable e-commerce platform, and make it a cog in the greater machine of your company. It allows you to use the strength and flexibility of Shopify, but still allows you access to the best apps and programs you can find in other fields for your company. 

DocInfusion’s custom integration service connects your existing platforms so you can access all of your business information in one convenient location, rather than switching between multiple platforms. Integration with DocInfusion decreases the time, money, and errors that are involved in using multiple programs and applications. 

Streamline your company software for a better customer experience and transparent sales process with Shopify integration from DocInfusion.