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Document Parsing

Despite the worldwide initiative to integrate data through EDI and APIs, there is still a huge amount of data living in documents, spreadsheets, images, emails, and paper sources.

Some companies solve part of the problem by scanning their physical documents and storing them as image files, but this only solves the storage issue. Without a text parser tool, organizing, searching, parsing, and data sharing all have to be done by a person, meaning it will take time to turn any of that information into useful, easily utilized data.

For professionals who want to finally free their data from inaccessible formats, we at DocInfusion have a solution. It’s called “document parsing,” and when implemented properly, it can make data entry a thing of the past.

How It Works

DocInfusion’s document parsing is a white glove service, meaning all you have to do is give us what you want to be parsed, and we do the rest. And with our intelligent data capture we can parse both text and images, so even photos aren’t a problem. Using the service can be broken down into three simple steps:

  1. Scan any documents, files, or images you want to be parsed that are still stored in hard copy form.
  2. Send the digital files and images to us for parsing.
  3. Sign Off on the results.

Some of the most common formats that customers need to parse are:

  • PDFs
  • Excel & CSV Files
  • Word Documents
  • Raw Text Files

After that, the data is stored on our secure servers, and you can either download it on-demand or access it via our web service. It’s as easy as that.

What Is the Parsing of Data?

What does it mean to parse a file, and what is parsing of data? For businesses looking to integrate their solutions, data parsing is about transferring one kind of information into another, understandable format. This makes your data easier to see, use, and analyze. At DocInfusion, our focus on simplifying the information you need to input into your systems.

For example, many companies have integrated systems, but a lot of their information is still contained in files that are not compatible as a simple download. This includes documents in PDF format, on paper, images, spreadsheets, emails, and more. These types of documents are notoriously difficult for computers to read, and they require manual entry into your system for use. This is where document parsing tools come into play.

What Is Parsing in NLP?

Document parsing tools interpret the data on a page based on contextual clues using Natural Language Processing (NLP) to read your file and understand the content. Document parsing tools take information from inaccessible formats and convert it into a useable format such as an excel spreadsheet.

Now that you know what it means to parse a message, you can see how using document parsing can help your business compile data from a variety of sources. Document parsing tools make it easy to extract data from single data fields, tables, lists, text, and images with a few simple clicks. Get the essential information you need from your files in an automated way—no more entering the data by hand.

Benefits of Document Parsing

Document parsing can remedy a host of problems, benefiting your business in many ways, including:

  • Removing the need for data entry, thereby saving you time and money
  • Improving the accuracy of your data by removing the human element
  • Improving the speed and process of data exchange
  • Eliminating duplication errors
  • Eliminating the need for physical storage of hard copies
  • Making your data more searchable and usable
  • Removing the need for physical, manual organization

In short, it’s an effective solution that helps you streamline your business processes, and allows you to get to revenue-generating activities faster. Get in touch with us today to learn more about using document parsing today. 

Document parsing - how it works

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