How To Connect Salesforce To MySQL Database

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Salesforce is an excellent platform that provides customer relationship management insights across multiple departments giving you a holistic view of your company’s customer interactions, information, profiles, and more. While Salesforce is a great platform in its own right, Salesforce to MySQL integration allows you to simplify and streamline your CRM process throughout your organization.

How to Connect Salesforce to MySQL Database

Salesforce to MySQL integration can provide some great benefits such as better data organization, updates, management, and access for your teams. MySQL’s open-source structure allows for flexibility of use and is a reliable and quick way to process your CRM data.

Although there are a variety of benefits for Salesforce to MySQL integration, it can be difficult to integrate the systems because there is not an automated connection option for connecting the two platforms. This means you will need to incorporate an integration service or tool such as a SaaS provider, API, ETL tool, web-service, or REST to transfer your data during the integration process.

Before you can integrate your Salesforce with MySQL database, you need to make sure you have the proper ETL tool or use an API to transfer your data or integrate it with your Salesforce. Once you’ve identified the tool you would like to use, there are several options you can use for Salesforce to MySQL integration:

  1. You can choose to integrate your Salesforce and MySQL using the Salesforce API from allows you to update and store data via the Data Loader or you can opt to build out your page data directly on the Visualforce page and integrate your CRM from there.
  2. If you have a WSDL from your web service provider you can use Apex to program your business data. You have the option to either import your data to Apex or use the HTTP Apex REST classes. Using REST architecture allows external applications (like MySQL) to access your data so you can integrate with those applications (like MySQL).
  3. If you don’t need bi-directional data exchange for your Salesforce to MySQL integration you might consider using a program like CopyStorm that provides backup and restoration services for Salesforce.
  4. Using a web service makes it possible for you to use Apex for web service calls that allow you to get your data from your Salesforce database. Whether this method works for you depends on the amount of data you are trying to transfer because there are limits to the size of the request and response.

The method you choose for your Salesforce to MySQL integration depends on your current setup and information integration needs. If you’re unsure of where to start, custom integration services can make the process easier.

Salesforce to MySQL Integration

For most people, integrating your Salesforce platform with MySQL is a time-consuming and difficult task. Using a third-party integration service can simplify and streamline the integration process. DocInfusion experts make the task of integration easy and can even help you set up several services including:

  • Automated Integrations: if you need regular integration, we can help you schedule automatic updates through a data integration service.
  • Multiple Integrations: we can also help you integrate your salesforce to several MySQL objects.
  • Custom Mapping: Integration can also be challenging because there are different structures of data between platforms. Integration services make it possible for you to preserve source data relations, easily look up information, use string operations and mathematical conditions, easily copy data, and keep your values constant while transferring data.

Simplify Your Integration with DocInfusion

There are a variety of ways you can integrate your Salesforce with MySQL to reap greater benefits from your Salesforce platform. However, integration is a time-consuming, difficult process without integration assistance. DocInfusion provides custom integration services and can easily connect your Salesforce and MySQL platforms to give you greater functionality and increased benefits for your CRM platform.

Contact DocInfusion today to find out how we can help with Salesforce to MySQL integration.