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Shippo Integration

Shippo integration brings together the strength of the Shippo API with the rest of the products and applications that you use to run your business. When you can combine the strengths of Shippo with the rest of your company’s information and tracking programs, you can better manage your company and customer interactions.

What Is Shippo Integration? 

Shippo is an automated and flexible shipping solution. It allows you to connect with multiple shipping carriers like FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, Magento, Shopify, and Bigcommerce for both domestic and international shipping, allowing you to create labels, get rates, and track packages. 

Shippo saves time and energy by removing the need to visit the post office or any storefront that requires you to wait in line and waste time you could better spend doing your job. 

Shippo Integration takes the strength of the Shippo’s API and facilitates the information to be transferred to the rest of the programs you use in your daily operations. This transfer of information gives your team more time to focus on what matters, rather than spending unnecessary time on shipping information.

What Are the Benefits of Shippo Integration?

Shippo is an excellent tool in shipping options and provides great rates for you. It works even better and provides even more benefits when integrated with other programs. Shippo integration with other business programs like ERP and eCommerce platforms allows you to seamlessly share customer information when dealing with your shipping needs. Rather than juggling through programs and apps for customer information, Shippo integration puts all of the information together for you.

Increase Productivity

Shippo helps remove some of the time and effort around shipping and tracking packages for your customers. Shippo integration allows you to keep that timesaving and efficiency of Shippo and improve it by allowing customer information to be shared from your CRM or other programs directly to Shippo. 

Rather than having to transfer information manually from another program into Shippo any time you want something shipped, integration makes it so that the information transfers automatically. This integration feature not only saves time and money, but also increases accuracy in account information. 

Shippo is able to produce and send tracking numbers. With Shippo integration, those tracking numbers and email notifications can be automated to customers and recorded throughout your system of business programs and apps. 

Shippo integration decreases the time you need to set aside for dealing with shipping and packaging information and allows you to focus on more important business decisions.

Customer Service

Customers appreciate having up to date information about the status of their products. Integrating Shippo with your current platforms allows information like tracking numbers and shipping information to be shared through various programs. 

With shared information, you are able to create automated messages and responses to your customers, allowing them to know exactly what is happening to their product and when they should expect to see it. This helps reduce customer complaints and contacts, which gives you a higher retention rate for your customers. 

Not only does it change how you ship products and how customers are informed, but Shippo integration also provides that information for customer services. If a customer calls and has a complaint or concern about their shipping information, that data will be available through your CRM or any program you are using to manage their account.

DocInfusion Makes Integration Easy

Shippo is one of the best eCommerce applications on the market today. It is one of the most stable forms of dealing with shipping in a scalable structure. Integration of Shippo allows you to use that foundation and apply it to your business with other applications and programs. DocInfusion’s custom integration services connect your existing platforms so you can access all of your business information through one convenient location. 

Streamline your company software for a better customer experience and complete sales process with Shippo integration from DocInfusion.