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Infor VISUAL Integration

Infor VISUAL provides a solid foundation for manufacturing companies that need small-batch production, on-demand manufacturing, pricing quotes, and flexibility to meet customer needs. The features of Infor VISUAL offer more flexibility and greater access when they are integrated with your existing platforms.

Custom integration allows you to boost business productivity, support new technology, make changes quickly, and provide a better experience to your customers. Integrating your Infor VISUAL through custom APIs allows for a streamlined and simplified approach to running your business. Make quick, time-relevant business decisions, automate and streamline operations, and improve customer satisfaction.

The Benefits of Infor VISUAL Integration

Creating a great customer experience is important no matter what industry you’re in. Infor VISUAL is one of the best ERP solutions available and the benefits are compounded when your Infor VISUAL software is integrated with your other business platforms. In today’s flexible manufacturing environment, it’s important to offer consumer-friendly features, customer self-service, and mobile-friendly websites that are easy to use.

Manufacturing customers do business differently today. Small batch production, one-of-a-kind additive products, and customized products are in high-demand. Connecting your Infor VISUAL and CRM software with ERP integration services allows you to create a custom buying approach with a B2C experience for your B2B customers.

Streamline Scheduling

Manufacturing success depends on careful scheduling of your shop floor. Scheduling the correct amount of time to meet lead times and customer commitments can quickly become a guessing game without the correct tools. Integration with your Infor VISUAL system eliminates the guesswork and limitations of simple order reports and spreadsheets. Get better on-time delivery with integration.

Save time and resources
Quality management integration

Improve Performance

Infor VISUAL integration can help you track the steps and materials needed for the production process across multiple platforms. Integration also allows you to quickly track spending for projects and make adjustments to meet deadlines within budget. Improved performance, tracking, and delivery all lead to a better experience for your customer.

Increase Profits

You’ll be surprised how much more can be accomplished in a single day just by speeding up your data exchange. Not only can you collaborate with teams across departments, but customer service will improve as well.

Manufacturing and supply chain management

How Infor VISUAL Integration Can Make a Difference

DocInfusion’s integration service allows for quick problem solving and improved customer satisfaction. These days, customers want customized products, detailed product information, and a seamless ordering experience. Integrated services allow you to provide a better customer experience that leads to increased satisfaction and loyalty from your customer base. Infor VISUAL integration can make a difference when it comes to:

HR Mangement Integration

Personalized Approach

Integration allows you to offer a custom approach to each customer including custom product offerings, incentives, and interfaces.

Financial Integration

Simplified Orders

Integration makes orders easy with calculated shipping, taxes, and invoicing.

Distribution integration

International Orders

Integration services help you fulfill orders, regardless of language or currency.

Customer resource management Integration

Customer Fulfillment

Allow customers to choose and track their shipping methods.


Third-Party Integration

Custom integration allows you to connect third-party integrations such as Microsoft Office and more to streamline the manufacturing process.

DocInfusion Makes Integration Easy

DocInfusion offers a white-glove integration service that connects your Infor VISUAL software to your existing business platforms.

We take care of the implementation and provide support so you don’t have to worry about it and can get back to making the best products for your customers. Get tailored integration that suits your business needs—if you don’t need it, we don’t add it.

Keep your manufacturing on track and get the updates you need to complete projects for your customers on time and within budget. Improve your scheduling, boost performance, and maximize your profits with a custom-built integration service from DocInfusion.

Get in touch with us to start your custom Infor VISUAL integration today.