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Macola Integration

Enterprise resource management (ERP) is gaining in popularity for its ability to integrate business processes, eliminate manual data entry, reduce input errors, and save time and money. DocInfusion seeks to provide businesses with the tools they need to seamlessly integrate their business platforms using Exact Macola ERP, Macola ERP, and Macola Accounting software to create efficient business processes.

What Is Macola ERP Integration?

Exact Macola ERP integration software allows you to coordinate and automate business processes across different platforms such as CRM, EDI, and e-commerce systems. Our ERP services focus on connecting different platforms by using pre-built and custom-built APIs that communicate and transfer information between different systems. This streamlines coordination efforts and increases business management efficiency in the workplace.

Exact ERP is designed to help your company increase productivity and reduce costs by consolidating all of your data in one easy-to-access location. Exact ERP enables bi-directional data exchange between your EDI partners, ecommerce platforms, CRM applications and more. This means you only need to enter your information into your system once. With Exact Macola ERP, you also receive real-time updates, keeping you on top of your business needs. Exact ERP integration means you can reduce data entry time and duplication errors, track inventory, product data, sales, orders, customer information, shipping updates, and more, leading to greater satisfaction for your customers.

Although it is similar to BI, CRM, and project management platforms, Exact Macola ERP is provided by a third party. Here at DocInfusion, we integrate Exact ERP with your critical business platforms to keep your business running smoothly with minimal transition time. We aim to improve your ROI and synchronize your platforms with Exact ERP so you can focus on the growth and management of your business.

Benefits of Exact Macola ERP Integration

ERP integration services are excellent for businesses looking to improve communication between different departments because it allows you to share information between platforms for a variety of business purposes. Some of the most common uses of ERP Integration are to increase efficiency with invoices, expense reports, and purchase orders across departments such as supply chain, finances, quality management, and manufacturing.

Exact Macola ERP also has additional benefits over older ERP systems such as Macola Progression. Macola Progression, released in the early 1970s, is still in use today by many organizations. However, upgrading to Exact Macola software can provide greater benefits for your company, such as improved reliability, speed, accuracy, and security. If you already have ERP integration, Exact Macola ERP is a great update from older systems like Macola Progression.


Today’s ERP integration systems can be customized to meet your business’s individual needs in virtually any capacity. The following are some of the areas in which Exact Macola ERP integration services can help streamline your business processes.

HR Management Integration

With the responsibility to hire, train, and meet compliance requirements, HR departments have a lot on their shoulders. Macola ERP integration can significantly reduce the time your HR department needs to spend manually inputting data. It can also help manage employee absences, time-off, hiring and recruiting, onboarding, training and development for employees, and conducting performance appraisals.

HR Mangement Integration
Project Manegement

Project Management

Companies often struggle to keep all their employees on the same page when utilizing different project management platforms. ERP integration is great for making sure all of your employees are on the same page, and it allows project managers the ability to track activities, improve collaboration with other departments, stick to timelines, recognize delays, determine costs, and financial reporting for projects.

Financial Integration

Macola Accounting software offers businesses total control over their finances by providing synchronized, up-to-date financial information and covers financial services that include:

  • Credit Card Processing

  • Cash Management Services

  • Payroll

  • General Ledger

  • Accounts Payable and Receivable

  • Assets and Depreciation

Streamlining your financial departments with Macola Accounting gives you more control and makes it easier to make financial decisions for your business. By keeping your financial system synchronized between different departments, you’re also better prepared to respond to issues as they arise, track your budget and spending habits, maintain a high level of customer service, and prepare easily for audits.

Financial Integration
Quality management integration

Quality Management Integration

Utilizing user-friendly systems to ensure quality management can make a tremendous difference when it comes to modifying and updating company strategy. Thankfully, Macola ERP integrations can make this easier by streamlining the audit process, as well as other areas such as reporting, maintenance reports, employee training, and making corrective actions as necessary.

Customer Resource Management Integration

Integrating your CRM and ERP services allows for better data tracking and an enhanced customer experience. The combination of the two makes it easier to track customer data and retain customers. CRM integration with ERP also includes custom portals, improved leads, sales teams, and opportunity management.

Customer resource management Integration
Manufacturing and supply chain management

Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management

Companies in manufacturing or supply chain management can significantly improve their business processes by using Macola ERP integration. Connecting their platforms helps promote increased efficiency and speed, and helps them offer a better customer experience. Some areas of manufacturing and supply chain management that ERP systems can assist with are:

  • Manufacturing Cost Accounting

  • Floor Control
  • Estimating and Quoting

  • Scheduling
  • Planning for Materials Requirements
  • Data Journaling
  • Business Data and Metrics

By automating your manufacturing and supply chain responsibilities, your company will save time and can focus on manufacturing materials more efficiently.

Distribution Integration

If not properly managed, logistics can be a nightmare. Shipments need to arrive on time for anything to happen smoothly, and shipments need to be tracked in transit if anyone is to know that they’re coming. Exact Macola ERP saves a significant amount of time when it comes to distributing product, tracking inventory, entering orders, using EDI systems, issuing purchase orders, and receiving. Streamline your distribution and keep expired items off your shelves through your ERP service.

Distribution integration

Boost Efficiency with Macola ERP Integration

If your business could use a boost in efficiency, consider implementing an ERP integration system to connect your different business platforms. Macola ERP integration solutions are perfect for eCommerce sites, industrial businesses, manufacturing companies, distribution centers, construction companies, and much more. With an integrated Exact Macola ERP system, you may even be able to cut down on staffing costs while increasing or maintaining company efficiency.

DocInfusion’s Integration Service

While some companies may think a one-size-fits-all solution will work for ERP integration services, DocInfusion offers a premier white glove service to customize your system to your needs. We aim to integrate your systems in the way that works best for your company and can integrate virtually any system by building out your APIs for seamless platform communication.

DocInfusion’s Macola ERP integration service can help you build better systems for eCommerce, manufacturing, B2B, retail, and more. Save time and avoid manual errors by automating your data integration with Exact Macola ERP integration software and Macola Accounting software.

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