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About Us

Technology is supposed to make life—and work—easier for us. Why then do we spend so much time trying to get technology to do what we want it to? We struggle with our phones’ autocorrect, fight with printers, and groan as our smart speaker misunderstands us for the third time. It’s hard to imagine any kind of robot uprising when we can’t even get streaming services to load on our smart TV.

While we grumble and live with these inconveniences in our personal lives, these kinds of slowdowns can cost businesses valuable work time and money. If we have A.I.s that can best human experts at board games, why can’t we get apps and platforms to share data without having to resort to manual entry? For devices so smart, our computing technology doesn’t always act its I.Q. That’s what we set out to help solve when we founded DocInfusion. We realized that siloed programs that didn’t play well with others could really slow businesses down, so we set out to help computers act a little smarter.



Technology is meant to simplify various aspects of our lives but sometimes it needs a little help getting there. We make it possible for custom systems to talk to each other in a way that they both can understand for a seamless flow of data. 


We realize that not everyone who needs a custom system integration has the ability to build or assemble them personally. So we developed our white glove model, designed to make the integration process as painless as possible.


We believe in preparing custom system integrations using the latest standards and leveraging our decades of experience. We are dedicated to helping you build efficient systems that save you time, money, and just work.