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Big Commerce is an e-commerce solution for businesses interested in growing. It can help you create, manage, and customize your online store so you are best able to serve your customers. Big Commerce helps in processing and shipping orders and allows you to actively manage and track your stock in real-time. 

Using DocInfusion to integrate Big Commerce with your sales, ERP, and CRM tools will enable the programs work together by creating a unified network. This will save you both time and money, making your business more efficient and marketable.

What is Big Commerce Integration?

Using Big Commerce to create and manage your e-commerce website which can increase customer traffic and flow through different channels. Big Commerce gives you the ability to customize your e-commerce website while still being able to track and manage your inventory and sales. 

Integration takes the strength of Big Commerce and shares that information and data with the rest of your day-to-day operations. It allows you to take the power of Big Commerce and involve it with your other programs or apps for marketing, sales, and customer service.

What Are the Benefits of Big Commerce Integration?

Big Commerce alone can help you manage your online presence in e-commerce, but there are many business tasks that it was never designed to do. Here are just a few ways that integration of Big Commerce can help you.

Mobile Friendly

Big Commerce is able to run on mobile devices. Use it to check and run your e-commerce store through your phone, tablet, or other device whenever and wherever you want. 

Big Commerce ERP integration with other mobile-enabled apps allows you to do more than just manage your online store from your mobile devices. If integrated with other mobile-friendly ERP apps and programs, integration will allow you to have a direct connection and control of all aspects of your company through your mobile devices. From a customer issue to a hiccup in your supply chain, integration of all of your apps will allow you to address the problem from anywhere. 


When dealing with customers, time is money. Fortunately, through Big Commerce CRM integration, you’ll be able to save both. 

Instead of having to input customer data multiple times into different programs—which can lead to manual mistakes and errors—integration automates that tedious task. Integration removes the need for repetitive manual input of data between applications and programs dealing with customer information and personal data. 

By integrating your programs and apps together with DocInfusion, you will be able to use your time more effectively. 

Ease of Use

Big Commerce is already a user-friendly tool to use. The user interface is intuitive and streamlined so that you can find what you’re looking for without having to work for it. For ease of use, it also provides both premade and customizable templates for your store. 

Integration takes those attributes and makes it even easier to use other programs and applications in your business. Rather than having to juggle multiple apps and the information between them, Big Commerce integration with your other programs allows information to flow freely between the programs.

Financial Integration

DocInfusion Makes Integration Easy

Integration takes away the headache of trying to juggle the applications and programs that you use at your company each day. Through unifying your programs, we’re able to reduce stress on you and your employees. We help you shift your focus from trying to deal with the hassle of your tools back to what really matters: your customers. 

Trying to get every program and application to communicate with each other and share information is a great goal, but it’s simply not something that all these different programs are able to do natively. DocInfusion’s custom integration service lets you access all of your information in one convenient location.

Streamline your company software for a better customer experience and transparent sales process with Big Commerce integration from DocInfusion.