NetSuite Integration

NetSuite is a business management suite that unifies ERP programs, CRM tools, and more in a single solution. With this type of platform, different departments within an organization can access customer information in one central place while also eliminating the need for redundant tasks and human error.

However, there is still a need to integrate NetSuite with other applications and software such as on-premise legacy applications and other web-based software.

Synchronizing your data across platforms can solve a lot of problems. It prevents duplication errors, increases data accuracy, and significantly improves the visibility of your critical data across all touchpoints.

These goals are accomplished with a customized NetSuite ERP integration by DocInfusion. You’ll notice a significant uptick in employee and company performance and your clients will be much more satisfied with your interactions. It won’t take long to notice how much better your business runs once you take advantage of your Netsuite integration.

Integration Case Study

Read how this Bioengineering company implemented multiple integrations during their migration from Quickbooks to SyteLine with the support of DocInfusion.


The Benefits of a NetSuite Integration

Netsuite is a scalable platform, but it is not an integrated ERP solution. When you integrate NetSuite with your critical business platforms, you can expect to see a wealth of benefits that promote efficiency and productivity and cut down on time sinks. Netsuite integration provides many benefits for managing your employees, projects, finances, and customers. It eliminates the need for manual data entry, saving you time and money, increasing your speed and efficiency, and allowing you to customize your reporting.

Eliminate manual data entry

Eliminate Manual Data Entry

Even if it did nothing else, the simple improvement of removing the need for entering data manually is a huge benefit of a NetSuite integration. Saving time and money on administrative tasks helps, as does eliminating entries that are rife with annoying, embarrassing, and costly errors.

Customize forecasts and reports

Customize Forecasts and Reports

Customize reports and get accurate business forecasts with NetSuite’s improved capabilities and Netsuite integration options. By simplifying complex data requests, you’ll find yourself better prepared to plan for the future, and making decisions with more accurate information.

Save time and resources

Save Time and Resources

With a NetSuite integration, time and resources will be freed up to focus on your core business, because you will no longer have to piece together data from separate platforms. Many redundant tasks are eliminated with a seamless flow of data and the subsequent ability to automate associated processes.

Manufacturing and supply chain management

Increase Speed and Efficiency of Data Exchange

You’ll be surprised how much more can be accomplished in a single day just by speeding up your data exchange. Not only can you collaborate with teams across departments, but customer service will improve as well.

How a NetSuite Integration Can Make a Difference

Integrating NetSuite with your other systems and platforms means improving business efficiency on almost every front. Below are some areas that will run smoother and more effectively once an integration has been implemented.


Integrating with your e-commerce or marketplace platform means always knowing how much inventory you have, and how much you need. It means always having accurate data about customer demand, allowing you to plan purchasing, production, and logistics. It also means knowing your workload and seeing what needs to be done in real-time.


By integrating your CRM platform with your NetSuite ERP, you’ll be serving and retaining customers like never before. Track data more effectively and share data with more ease to ensure valuable leads are never lost through the cracks. You can also track tasks better than before, as well as implement opportunity management.


Getting product and supplies where they need to be when they need to be there is quite an undertaking. It takes a significant amount of planning, scheduling, and oversight to keep the process functional and relatively error-free. Integration makes the whole process easier by enhancing visibility in real time. Best of all, integration with your logistics platform means tracking valuable metrics and making those metrics visible to all relevant parties.

HR Management

There’s a lot of manual entry involved in HR management, and that workload can be a significant time sink. You can bypass all of that needless effort with integration. With the improved data exchange that integration offers, you’ll be able to jumpstart your onboarding process and reduce time spent tracking absences and time off. Beyond that, you’ll be providing development and training for employees and conducting performance reviews with minimal effort.


Few departments handle as much data as the finance department, and few stand to benefit as much from automated data exchange. From credit card processing, to assets and depreciation, to payroll and accounts payable, integration can simplify your processes and make managing cash flow easier than ever. It also helps you collect and track relevant data, empowering your team to make important financial decisions.


Integrate Today

DocInfusion can help your business unlock and integrate its platforms with your Netsuite ERP system to seamlessly communicate and share information. In turn, you’ll find your team operating more efficiently, and your business excelling and prospering.

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